Who Are We?

We are three non-binary/genderqueer academics working in HE institutions in London who feel that our experiences and needs as non-binary teachers or students have never been captured by research. For us, then, devising and carrying out this research is an attempt to bring our politics and activism into HE. We recognise our privileged positions as white, non-disabled, securely employed academics and are committed to the dismantling of the racist, classist and ableist structures of academia.

Version 3

Jennifer Fraser is University Director of Student Partnership and a Principal Lecturer in Social Sciences at the University of Westminster. Jennifer works on critical higher education studies and gender studies.

Find out more about Jennifer here.


Raf Benato is a Senior Lecturer (Education Development) in the School of Health Sciences at City, University of London. Raf works on public health, educational theory and teaches healthcare students about LGBTQ inclusive care.

Find out more about Raf here.

Francis Ray White photo2020

Francis Ray White is a Reader in Sociology at the University of Westminster. Francis Ray works on trans, fat and queer embodiment and teaches extensively about gender and sexuality.

Find out more about Francis Ray here.

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