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Non-Binary in Higher Education Survey Summary Report (summer 2023)

A summary of the key findings from our survey of 2019.

Practices for Gender-Inclusive Module Introductions: Case Study

Jennifer and Francis have contributed a short case study on practices they use in their teaching for gender-inclusive module introductions. The case study is part of the 2022 GEARING ROLES handbook which you can download here.

[full reference] Fraser, J. and White, F.R. 2022. Practices for gender-inclusive module introductions. in: Kitchener, M. (ed.) Handbook for Creating a Gender-Sensitive Curriculum: Teaching and Learning Strategies The Oxford Centre for Staff Learning and Development and The Centre for Diversity Policy Research and Practice. pp. 59-60

The Struggle to Imagine Higher Education Otherwise: Journal Article

Jennifer has written this article as part of a special issue of feminists@law on The Future of Legal Gender: Exploring the Feminist Politics of Decertification. This piece takes up Flora Renz’s challenge to think about education at the intersections of feminism, gender and changing understandings of equalities provisions to try to imagine what questions we need to ask in higher education to make universities and classrooms spaces that embrace gender diversity and see it as a catalyst for changing institutions themselves.

Access it here.

[full reference] Fraser, J. 2020. The struggle to imagine higher education otherwise: the transformative potential of diverse gender knowledges. feminists@law. 10 (2).

Roundtable Discussion Recording

On 19th June 2019 we hosted a Roundtable Discussion featuring a panel of non-binary staff and students from UK HE institutions.

Click here to listen to a recording of the discussion.

GEA Conference Blog Post

The NBinHE project were delighted to present at the Gender and Education Association annual conference, held at the University of Portsmouth 25-27th June 2019. Before the event we were asked to write a blog post for the conference website.

Click here to read what Francis Ray wrote.

PS: For the record, at the GEA Conference there was a gender-neutral toilet and space to add your pronouns to your name badge, plus lots of great papers on trans and queer education issues!

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