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Past Events

June 19th 2019 – University of Westminster

Skills Share Conversation

The skills share conversation is an event for non-binary academics (including PhD students who teach) only and will offer a space where we can discuss and share the skills we use in the classroom to navigate our own non-binary identities, and for teaching a non-binary inclusive curricula.

Attendees are asked, but not required to share! You are welcome to come either way. After the event we will invite participants to write up their strategies to be included in a practical toolkit which we hope to produce from the day’s proceedings.

Roundtable Discussion

The roundtable discussion is open to everyone and will feature a panel of non-binary academics and students. The panel will discuss both the current state of ‘being’ non-binary in higher education, what non-binary inclusive curricula might constitute in their disciplines, and how we might imagine the future of higher education beyond the gender binary.

Guests on the panel include:

  • Jayne Fletcher (University of Westminster)
  • Corey Gilmore (Goldsmiths, University of London)
  • Kat Gupta (University of Roehampton)
  • Aidan Lewis (University of Westminster)
  • Shamira Meghani (University of Cambridge)
  • Ben Vincent (Open University)

You can listen to a recording of the Roundtable discussion here.

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